Petition 01

      । मी जेठ सुद 8 दु सुकर ।  तथा  परबतसर  रा  महाजनां  रै  विहाव  मै  विरांमणां  रो  जीसो  घर  दोखै जिणा  माफक  लेवै  नै  घरणो  बैघो  चांदी  करै  नहीं  उवाजबी  उरो  लेवै  ईणा तरै विरांमणां नु कैहै देजो श्री हजूर रो हुकम छै दुादोढीदार भवांनी दास

    English Translation:

    In a wedding ceremony of Mahajans, in Parbatsar, the Brahmins demanded customary cash/money which was much more than what the Mahajans used to pay as per the established norms. The latter threatened the Mahajans with a chandi (suicidal revenge). After hearing the grievance, the state ordered the Brahmins not to sit on hunger strike (chandi kare nahin) and take the customary amount of money which the former were providing them with.


    • Brahmins
    • Customary cash
    • Established norms / reet
    • Mahajans of Parbatsar (Petitioner)
    • Marriage / Wedding
    • May (Month; 2nd half)
    • Parbatsar
    • Friday (Day)
    • Suicidal revenge
    • Threatened
    • Petition category: Dispute between Mahajans and Brahmins
    • Petitioner: Community / Collective

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