Petition 02

। चोंतरै । जालोर

। चैत वद 3 बुधवार  सां 1823

। तथा गावं सैणा रै महाजन सूरै कहो गावं मै जती रै पोसाल  म्हारो भाई सादु भणातो सुथा दुसी जती कीही वे रीत कीवी तरै जती नु गावं रा लोगां कहो ईणा  तरै  वेरीत  क्यूं  करणी  पडै  तरै  जती  चांदी  कीवी  तरै  कचैडी  सु दुी वावीस ईणा रै माथै कीय सु आ हकीकत श्री हजूर मालम हुई सुं हूकम हूवो़ है ईणी जत रै हकीकत हूवै तो ईणा नु रु. रो खेचल करजो मती। छु छांम्हल

English Translation:

In village Seda, Mahajan Suri’s son went to a school in the village of Jatis. The Sadhu in the Jati village misbehaved with his mother. He abused her, which was beyond the established law of conduct. The people of Seda village protested against this incident, opining that none of the Jati was allowed to misbehave with a female. The Jati, in such circumstances, sat on a hunger-strike. The matter was reported to the court and orders were issued to punish the Jati – if he had misbehaved with Suri’s mother. And in case if the Jati had not misbehaved with the mother, then no person should get into tussle with the Jatis.


  • Court / kacheri
  • Established law of conduct / reet
  • Female
  • Jati
  • Mahajan Suri (Petitioner)
  • March (1st half)
  • Misbehave
  • Protest
  • Sadhu
  • Seda (Village)
  • Wednesday
  • Petition category: Dispute between Mahajans and Jatis
  • Petitioner: Male (Father)

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